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Vetriscience - Acetylator™ Probiotic Supplement for Dogs & Cats (Capsule)

Vetriscience - Acetylator™ Probiotic Supplement for Dogs & Cats (Capsule)

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Recommended to support gut, bowel and urinary tract function and health in cats and dogs, especially for:

  • Dogs or cats that suffer from regular diarrhea
  • Dogs or cats that need more support than provided by a probiotic
  • Dogs or Cats that frequently have urinary tract health issues

Vetri Science® Laboratories’ Acetylator™ is a capsule formula designed to support gut, bowel and urinary tract function and health. A combination of N-acetyl glucosamine, beneficial bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus, and digestive enzymes, Acetylator™ helps to maintain genito-urinary tract health. Proteolytic enzymes like pepsin, papain and bromelain support digestion, nutrient absorption and utilization. N-acetyl glucosamine is naturally found in the glycoprotein layer of the mucous membrane. Through support of glycoprotein production, N-acetyl glucosamine supports the structural integrity and healthy function, meaning it supports the body’s natural protective barriers against invading microorganisms.

      More Information

      Acetylator™ is a formula designed ™ to support proper functioning of gut, bowel, and urinary tract health.

      Acetylator™ is a combination of N-acetyl glucosamine, digestive enzymes and Lactobacillus acidophilus, to help support the protective layers of the bowel. It also helps maintain genitourinary tract health.

      About the ingredients:
      » N-acetyl Glucosamine is a form of glucosamine that is found naturally in the glycoprotein layer of mucous membranes (such as digestive, genito-urinary and respiratory tracts and other organs). It helps to support the production of glycoproteins, which supports structural integrity and healthy function of various glyco-protein layers. N-acetyl glucosamine also helps to support the body’s natural protective barriers against acids, enzymes, and invading microorganisms.

      » Proteolytic Enzymes (pepsin, papain and bromelain) help to support digestion normalize stress on the mucous membranes
      » Lactobacillus acidophilus helps to support beneficial
      icrobials in the intestines.

      Available in capsule for easy administration.


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