We curate well researched, reputable and responsible pet supplies brands.

  • Blue Bay (Taiwan)

    Hailing from Taiwan, Blue Bay is an established pet food and supplements manufacturer with extensive R&D facilities in Taiwan and Australia.

    The flagship product is Eye Vita, a eye supplement that can effectively reduce tear stains.

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  • Botanica (Ireland)

    Harness the healing power of natural herbs, Botanica produces a line of pet skin care products that has garnered much positive reviews from vets as well as consumers. Made in Ireland.

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  • Herbsmith (USA)

    Helmed by Dr. Bessent, a seasoned veteranian with more than 20 years of experience in treating animals with natural herbs and TCM principles. All Herbsmith products are manufactured in a cGMP facility at Wisconsin USA and backed by the NASC seal of quality.

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  • Hyalogic®

    Established since 2000, Hyalogic® has been the leader in developing Hyaluronic Acid (HA) products for humans as well as pets. Hyalogic® developed a five-stage process called Hyalock™ that rigorously examined ingredients for compatibility and stability. Hyalogic®’s Hyaluronic Acid is non-animal derived, vegan friendly. Hyalogic® is now known in the natural health and beauty world as having among the highest quality HA available.

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  • Pet Naturals (USA)

    Based in Vermont, USA, you’ll always enjoy peace of mind with Pet Naturals® products. Whether it’s calming or joint support, Pet Naturals® supplements are carefully crafted to support your pet’s health from nose to paw. These beneficial chews help them stay healthy and strong for your next adventure together!

    NASC Certified.

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  • Vetriscience (USA)

    All our supplements have been specially formulated with the expertise of scientists and veterinarians and taste-tested by their pets! VetriScience® only makes products that vets feel confident giving their own pets.

    Used by vets for nearly 40 years and trusted by over 15,000 veterinary clinics in the U.S. NASC Certified.

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  • Pet Wellbeing (USA)

    Discover our All-Natural Supplements For 120+ Pet Ailments. Our team of experienced veterinarians, respected academics, and clinical herbalists have over 140 combined years of caring for animals and understanding their unique needs.

    All of our products are manufactured in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities and undergo third-party testing to ensure the highest quality and potency. Our thousands of customer reviews attest to how effective our products are.

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  • Petsmile (USA)

    Petsmile is the only VOHC accepted toothpaste for plaque inhibition with the science of Calprox®.

    When Dr. Irwin Smigel the "Father of Aesthetic Dentistry" decided to launch Petsmile, his idea was simple: cats and dogs need healthy teeth and gums, just like people.

    Our proprietary breakthrough Calprox® formula is an encapsulated form of Calcium Peroxide and minerals. Calprox® works by gently dissolving the protein pellicle, a bio-film that forms on your pet’s teeth, and re-mineralizes enamel.

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  • Wafona (Japan)

    WAFONA hails from Japan and produces pet care products using natural
    botanical ingredients and pure water. No synthetic chemicals are used.

    real pure water with excellent moisturizing and penetrating properties.
    Ionized using natural corals, this pure water paired with botanic
    extracts and plant enzymes gives you the peace of mind that all products
    are safe even if our pets lick it.

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