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Pet Wellbeing

Pet Wellbeing - Mushroom Immune Gold - Holistic Canine Cancer Support (8fl oz / 236ml)

Pet Wellbeing - Mushroom Immune Gold - Holistic Canine Cancer Support (8fl oz / 236ml)

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What is Mushroom Immune Gold? Created by one of Pet Wellbeing veterinary researchers, this product effectively meets the needs of animals in need of intensive (or preventative) therapy. Mushroom Immune Gold is a comprehensive, complementary, and alternative therapy. It can be used alone or in conjunction with chemotherapeutic drugs and/or radiation therapy.

Potent complementary, alternative health support for immunocompromised animals.

Complementary Alternative Medicine for Canine Cancer:

  • Veterinary researched
  • High-potency
  • No side-effects
  • Helps maintain immunity

Bottle = 8 oz (237 ml)

  • For small dogs: one bottle lasts 3 - 4 months
  • For medium dogs: one bottle lasts 2 - 3 months
  • For large dogs: one bottle lasts about one month

Medicinal mushrooms have gained notoriety for their powerful ability to support the immune system. Many supplements make this claim, but medicinal mushrooms go beyond immune support that is anti-bacterial or anti-viral. Many mushroom species have the ability to support the body's innate immune mechanisms, sustaining a stronger and more resilient immunity, and faster recovery. In addition to immune enhancement, certain mushroom species help the body's normal reactions to internal and external stresses, including cellular stress from environmental toxins.

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